Eleven Smart Home Features for Senior Living

When smart homes come to mind, most people may think of tech-savvy millennials with smartphones and devices synced up to everything in their home. But seniors and aging Americans can benefit tremendously from user-friendly smart home technology, too. Health-monitoring systems, automated lighting and temperature controls, and voice commands to help with daily tasks are just some of […]

5 Common Myths About Custom Home Building

(courtesy Patricia Garcia/New Home Source) Sure, building a custom home sounds great. But how could you afford it, right? The truth is that a custom home may be closer in reach than you think. Perhaps you’re turned off by the prospect of a long wait time to move in or maybe you just don’t think […]

Solar Panels on a New Home: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

(courtesy HAHB) Homes with solar photovoltaic panels (PV) can appeal to some new home buyers because of reduced electric bills and a lessened environmental impact. The decision to proceed with such a major investment, however, raises a question about the return on investment. Home Innovation Research Labs recently completed a study analyzing the cost effectiveness of rooftop solar PV across […]

What the Election Results Mean for Housing

(courtesty NAHB) NAHB Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin provides an election analysis. A sitting president who evoked strong passions at both ends of the political spectrum. A persistent virus. A recovering but sluggish economy. Motivated political bases. Record voter turnout. Consistent, durable leads in nationwide and swing-state polls for Democrat Joe Biden that proved to be, […]

4 Benefits of Building on Your Own Lot

(courtesty Sue Durio/Freelance Writer/New Home Source) You are ready to have that perfect home of your own, but so many choices … Do you buy an existing home that fits your needs but on a lot you didn’t choose, and maybe don’t particularly love? Or do you opt for finding your own lot first and […]

Why 55+ Home Buyers Should Build Custom Homes

(courtesy Rebecca Rosenburg/New Home Source) Enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper in the sunny breakfast nook. Prepare lunch at the kitchen island. You may realize you’re out of bread, but it’s no problem because the grocery store is just a few blocks away. When friends and family visit, everyone gathers in your spacious living room […]

Are Custom Homes Worth It?

(courtesy Shannon Wilson/New Home Source) A custom home is perfect for buyers who want to build their dream home, complete with a floorplan fit for their needs and all the amenities they desire. Designing a custom home though, means extra costs are associated. NewHomeSource broke down the cost analysis for building a custom home, and now […]

How to Consider Costs and Benefits for High-Performance Residential Buildings

(courtesy NAHB) The home building industry is working to quantify the value that healthier, high-performance residential buildings can bring to occupants. Justifying the financials and the advantages of investing in durable, comfortable and sustainable buildings is especially fitting in the wake of COVID-19, as people are becoming more aware of what they want in their […]

Plan Now for Spring Build

(courtesy NAHB.org) If you are a first-time home buyer, finding a home can be an exciting, yet, daunting experience. Before deciding on a location, finding a realtor or making an offer, you must line up your finances and become more familiar with the various loan options. To help you understand the home buying process, here […]

Spring Has Sprung

“We have always been about family and always will be. So much so, our name is derived from one of my children and one of Bill’s children and our tag line is our mission statement – families building families their forever homes.” Clark Ware, President of Parker Rose Custom Homes. “Every year, usually in the spring […]