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North Central WV Home Builders Association (NCWVHBA) Christmas Toy Fund

The association continues its strive to fill the need gaps of disadvantaged children in North Central West Virginia.

(courtesy @NCWVHBA) “Back in 2001, the NCWVHBA created the Christmas Toy Fund for underprivileged children located throughout our counties in north central West Virginia”, said Bill Burdett. “The program continues to grow thanks to the good-hearted efforts of our members, member families and the community.”

This year the organization wants to get the word out that the Christmas toy fund is open year-round and a part of Walmart Registry For Good, a verified donation program nationwide. “Our President and committee members realize the opportunity for donating to non-profits to support important causes may not be so timely and during the major holiday season, so this is great solution for all.”

You can check out the registry here >> The NCWVHBA 2021 Christmas Toy Fund.

Bill Burdett is a partner and VP of Construction at Parker Rose Custom Homes and a North Central WV Home Builders Association committee member.


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